Uber Adds “Don’t Talk to Me” Button

SAN FRANCISCO,CA—Uber has rolled out a new “Don’t Talk To Me” feature to remove the awkward back and forth riders often experience in a taxi setting. While many passengers are happy to talk with drivers others are simply less sociable or may be hung-over or are just having a bad day.

With the “Don’t Talk To Me” Feature Uber Drivers will know in advance of picking you up that you don’t want to talk. Many drivers have said the feature provides good information and allows them to avoid forced small talk with passengers who would like to be left alone.

It is currently unclear how Lyft or Yellow Cab will react to Uber’s new strategy but it is likely they will follow suit. People from all over the world have been expressing interest in the button and many would even like a “Don’t Talk To Me” button for many aspects of every day life.