Trump Promises New Jobs to Fix Nation’s Crumbling Lego Infrastructure

WASHINGTON—President-elect Donald Trump’s call for a new trillion-dollar Lego infrastructure program got the attention of those who have long been pointing to the nation’s crumbling Lego roads, aging Lego bridges and outdated Lego Star Wars sets.

“It’s definitely the biggest Lego infrastructure investment we’ve heard mentioned in Capitol Hill in some time,” said Jorgen Vig Nnudstrop, CEO of the Danish family-owned Lego Group.

Many questions remain as to how Trump’s plan will work and whether there are enough skilled Lego laborers who know how to place together the multi-colored plastic bricks. Currently Mr. Trump expects out of work construction employees would be able to get on-the-job Lego training and be up and running with new jobs quickly.

State officials and lawmakers in Congress will have to pass the spending bill and the prospect of creating up to 100,000 new jobs over the next 3-5 years in what is expected to become the thriving Lego industry might be what they  need to please their constituents.

At the end of the day jobs are what are important to every day working Americans, and if that means rebuilding our country one Lego brick at a time than it will money well spent.

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