Trump Announces He Will “Work From Home” As President

NEW YORK—At 5:15 p.m. on Sunday President-elect Donald Trump held a press conference to discuss his transition to governing the Country. A few big announcements had already been made about nominating Dr. Ben Carson as secretary of Housing and Urban Develpment, Retired Gen. James Mattis as Secretary of Defense while a few other positions are still pending such as Secretary of State.

Many have been curious about the Trump family including Melania and Barron moving into the White House. It is well known that Trump Tower and particularly the luxury penthouse the Trump family lives in is one of the most lavish homes in the country if not the world. In part of his speech Trump addressed the issue head on:

The White House is a great house, one of the best. The wall around it however is not the best, I know a few individuals have scaled that wall in the last year – it needs to be at least 10 feet higher. This being said I love my home at Trump Tower and I have no current plans to move into the White House. I think I can get a lot done from my current office in my Den and as President I am planning on working from home.