Putin Buys Trump Matching Pajamas

MOSCOW—Newly elected President Trump was welcomed by Russian President Vladimir Putin as he visited the Kremlin. This visit felt substantially different from other visits by US heads of state. The previous encounters were aimed at developing relations, strategy, treaties, bilateral documents and so forth.

Instead of a focus on economic relations this was more about the relationship. It is not unusual for leaders to give each other gifts. For example, in 1880 Queen Victoria gave President Ruthord B. Hayes an intricate desk carved from the wood of the British vessel the H.M.S Resolute which is now the very desk used by every US president. Richard Nixon received a Panda from China and George W. Bush over 300lbs of raw lamb from Argentina.

The gift from Putin however was different. With 132 feet of fabric in a rich platinum shade the matching Pajama set was stitched with authentic silk and platinum thread with an ornate neckline and delicate embroidery at the hemline. The Platinum Pajama collection was created as an addition to the Domo Adami Russian clothing line which has only been used for Royalty in the Soviet Union in years past. Trump was glad to make Pajamas great again.