New Amazon BrainWave Automatically Orders Whatever You Think About

SEATTLE,WA—Expected to ship in late 2017 the Amazon BrainWave will be following in the footsteps of the Echo, the smart speaker that takes voice commands through the digital assistant ‘Alexa’ and can perform over 5,200  skills  such as turning on a TV or ordering an Uber. Much like the Echo the BrainWave will utilize the computing power of Amazon Web  Services (AWS) and the AI technology that is under development.

While Jeff Bezos is confident that ‘Voice First’ technology like Echo will be a significant part of technology in the near future he is already reaching towards what he sees as the next step – a direct mind to computer interface and BrainWave will do just that.

After the App is downloaded and the BrainWave is placed on the head a simple calibration is performed and the device will become synced with your thoughts. From there BrainWave will be tied directly to your Amazon Shopping Cart for 1-click ordering and Prime Now. Whatever you desire will be hand delivered or drop shipped that day. Truly a revolution for the “I want it now” generation.