Darth Vader Stressed As Death Star Construction Runs $200 Quadrillion Over Budget

PLANET SCARIF—More than $200 quadrillion in cost overruns, lawsuits and delays have put the Death Star which is officially known as the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station under tremendous pressure by the Treasury department of the Galactic Empire.

Designed to be a moon-sized planet-destroying battle station with a massive kyber crystal powered superlaser the Death Star will not come cheap. The blueprints were drawn up based on the more affordable plans of the ancient Sith a mellenia ago but the added extravagances Darth Vader insisted on including indoor swimming pools, spas, wine cellars, rock climbing walls, theater rooms, basketball courts, gyms and of course granite countertops in his personal Chef’s kitchen have really added up.

At this rate the Jedi may not be needed to overthrow the Empire as it is only a few Walk-in Closets away from being destroyed.