Bill Murray wont Leave Family’s Living Room

COLUMBUS,OH—What had begun as a delightful surprise has slowly devolved into a confusing and gradually more concerning situation.

Three weeks ago in a small suburb just outside Columbus the Davis family had just sat down for dinner when the doorbell rang and standing there was famous Comedian and Actor the legendary Bill Murray. He said he needed to borrow a phone to make a call and before you knew it he was at the table enjoying dinner with the family.

As it turned out he also needed a place to crash for the night and of course was welcomed to stay on the couch for the night and given fresh blankets and towels. From there days turned to weeks and the excuses kept piling up for why he could not leave with wild stories about the CIA looking for him and that no one would ever expect him to be there. Always charming and funny the Davis family obliged.

Currently Bill is wondering when Mrs. Davis will return from the store with the box of Lucky Charm cereal he really likes.

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