After Losing Election Obama Awards Hillary Clinton Honorary Participation Medal

Washington—With a tough election loss to Donald Trump behind her Hillary Clinton who had expected to become the first female President was instead left with nothing but time and vigorous walks through the Chappaqua Trails.

Recognizing the pain of her defeat President Obama on his farewell tour decided to give her some credit for trying her very best, “You know, it’s been difficult to watch her press forth after the Email server scandal, Benghazi, Pay for Play with the Clinton Foundation,  White Water, Vince Foster, and the Russian Uranium sale but she keeps on going. She really needs to get some recognition for not letting her history of corruption get in her way.”

After placing the medal around her neck President Obama thought to himself that he should probably get one more of those Nobel Peace Prizes after dropping only 26,171 bombs in seven countries over the last eight years.