After Complaints TSA Introduces Less Invasive “Honor System” for Security

RENO, NV—Ever since the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was created in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks it has faced a tremendous amount of scrutiny and complaints.

From dogs smelling for bombs and drugs to invasive pat downs, metal detectors and body scanners all the way down to the removal of shoes and belts simply getting on an airplane is no simple task these days. If you fail to follow the instructions precisely don’t be surprised to get pulled aside for an ‘enhanced examination’ out of sight from the public.

After a tremendous push back from the public and a slump in ticket sales a revolutionary compromise was reached last week. Starting on January 1, 2017 all Passengers will be allowed to board without an examination of any kind and they can bring what they like as long as they can stow it above their seat in the overhead compartment.

Deemed “The Honor System” by some the new policy tries to simply say “We Trust You”.  This reduction in security will bring back that retro 90’s feel of just hopping on an airplane without lines which a lot of passengers are expected to enjoy. When pressed about dangers from weapons being brought on board the TSA’s official position is that if everyone has a gun or a knife then there is no way a terrorist could take over the plane. It should in fact be much safer.

 If you expect to fly soon this year make sure to remember to back bullets to make for a safer flying experience.

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