All Apple AirPod Customers Have Already Lost Them

NEW YORK—12 p.m. at Apple’s flagship store in New York City, online and rolling out across the country the new $159 AirPods are now on available for sale just in time for the holiday season.

The devices are said to rival Bluetooth devices in terms of battery life and are a key accessory to the iPhone 7 which will no longer feature the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack that has been a standard of all audio devices for decades.

While the technology may in fact be superior and the size and wireless ability of the headphones are good as well there is a significant issue arising for the early adopters: they can’t find their AirPods.

In fact a recent survey showed 7 out of 10 of AirPod shoppers get home to look in their bag and realize they already lost one before making it home and  the majority of AirPods aren’t even making it out of the store before getting lost. Once the journey home begins they start falling into sidewalk cracks, storm drains, couch cushions, car seats you name it – the AirPods are getting lost like a pair of socks you can’t match any more. In fact at this time there are no AirPod customers that can find them.

Tim Cook conceded this fact when he couldn’t find one of his AirPods during his keynote product introduction.

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